10 Service Dog Vests and Gear Ideas

From emotional support to live-saving activities, service dogs provide aid to people with a wide variety of disabilities. They usually wear some type of identifying gear to let others know they are more than just cute pets. 

Something you may be surprised to learn is that service dog vests or other methods of service animal identification are not required by law. However, they are a great way to alert restaurants or other businesses that your dog is allowed inside and let well-meaning strangers know your canine companion shouldn’t be pet or distracted. 

Here are a few service dog gear ideas for letting others know that your cute pup is actually hard at work. 

Service Dog Harness

Service Dog Harness

Harnesses allow for more control than a traditional collar and prevent harmful health effects for your dog that can result from pulling on conventional collars.

Chai’s Choice Service Dog Vest Harness

This service animal vest will make your doggie helper look stylish and professional, with a variety of color options to fit your personality and theirs. It’s designed with cushioned straps and a padded inner layer to keep your dog comfortable and secure. The dog vest harness features a heavy-duty Duraflex buckle and sturdy built-in handle for ease of access, as well as removable reflective pages for increased visibility. 

Supreme Paw Supply Reflective Service Dog Harness w/ Handle

This harness features an easy-to-grip plastic handle that allows for full control. Its breathable fabric will keep your canine companion comfortable. The easy-clip buckle makes taking the harness on and off a breeze, and the dust-proof material makes storing and cleaning simple. 

Service Dog in Training Vest

Service Dog in Training Vest

Service dogs don’t just learn how to assist overnight. It can take months or even years of training before a dog is ready to work in the service field. These vests will let others know that your cute pup is training to ignore distractions and perform service tasks. 

Industrial Puppy Service Dog in Training Dog Harness

This harness is perfect for dogs on the road to working in a service field. The harness features fuzzy, reflective straps so that the dog is visible and comfortable. No need to purchase a new vest once training is complete – the straps are removable and can be replaced with new straps that say “Service Dog,” “Do Not Pet,” or other phrases of your choosing. The light and breathable nylon material is comfortable and double-stitched for durability. It features an adjustable quick-release belly buckle to make it easy to take off and put on. 

Barky Service Dog in Training Vest

This dog training vest is available in multiple colors to fit you and your dog’s personality. Its no-pull style will help service dogs-to-be get used to walking directly beside the person they are assisting. The adjustable straps ensure a comfortable fit, and the lightweight, soft sponge fabric won’t irritate their skin. The “slip-proof” straps are resistant to tears and won’t stretch out over time for maximum durability. 

Service Dog Collar

A service dog collar is an excellent addition to a vest. It can add additional reflective material for more visibility in low-light situations. Here are a couple of service dog gear ideas for your canine companion. 

DogIDs Embroidered Service Dog Collar

This service dogs’ gear is an easy way to let others know your dog is a service animal. It’s available in a variety of high-visibility colors, giving you options for what fits your needs and style. This collar has a lifetime guarantee, as its durable nylon strap, sturdy box stitching, and military-grade plastic quick-release button can withstand all kinds of pulling or pressure. 

Active Dogs Service Dog Reflective Bandana Dog Collar

This bandana is lightweight and made with reflective vinyl for high visibility. It can be easily cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth. Designed to ensure the legibility of your canine’s service status, the weight from the metal buckle hardware keeps the buckle at the bottom of the dog’s neck so that the bandana does not roll or flip when the dog moves. Additionally, the bandana clearly states, “DO NOT PET” in bold text. The Service Dog Reflective Bandana Collar comes in two separate sizes and is adjustable to fit most service dog breeds.

Therapy Dog Vest

A therapy dog is trained to provide comfort and support to people in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, or following disasters. These vests can let others know that your canine companion is here to help others. 

Working Service Dog Premium Therapy Dog Mesh Lite Vest

This ultra-lightweight, mesh vest will keep your canine companion comfortable in all climates, and the built-in leash attachment makes it an excellent option for travel. It features a large reflective patch embroidered with the words “THERAPY DOG” to let others know your dog is a service animal. It’s available in multiple sizes and has adjustable straps to fit dogs of all sizes. 

Industrial Puppy Therapy Dog Harness

Made of breathable mesh, this harness features removable, reflective straps that read “THERAPY DOG” to alert others that your canine companion is at work. Ideal for travel, the top-mounted handle allows for easy control, and the belly buckle makes putting on and taking off the harness a breeze.

Do Not Pet Dog Vest

One of the biggest distractions that handlers and service dog users face is when other people want to pet their canine companion. These dog vests let others know that your pup is working and shouldn’t be bothered. 

Doggie Stylz DO NOT PET Dog Vest

The entire chest strap, harness, and trim of this dog vest are reflective for safety. It’s removable patches on each side read “DO NOT PET” to prevent others from distracting your dog while working. Durable, the two-inch nylon and neoprene materials are double stitched to reinforce the harness and protect from rips and scratches. The straps are adjustable to fit a variety of service dog breeds

Industrial Puppy Do Not Pet Dog Harness Backpacks

These functional backpacks are a great addition to your service dog vest to let others know your dog is hard at work. They attach to the harness with fuzzy fasteners, provide extra storage space for you and your dog’s essentials, and are weatherproof to keep your valuables safe and dry. The reflective lettering adds extra visibility in low-light settings.  


While not required by law, many service animal users prefer that their canine companion wear some type of identification to avoid confusion in public areas. There are a variety of service gear options available to meet your dog’s specific needs.

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