Helpful Dog Training Tips

5 Helpful Dog Training Tips

for Beginners

Are you having a hard time TRAINING YOUR DOG?

Dogs are a great addition to any household. They bring joy, unconditional love, and many other benefits. However, dogs can also be difficult to train if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you want your dog to listen better and obey your commands more often, then this article is for you! Here are 5 helpful tips for training your new pup the right way from the start.

5 Helpful Dog Training Tips

1. Consistency Goes a Long Way

Training your dog is literally helping the dog’s mind retain information on performing tasks in a certain way, and that won’t happen overnight. That said, putting in half effort will not get you the results. Many dog owners look for a “quick-fix” for their dog’s behavioral training, but that will not work. It’s essential to set realistic expectations for how long you will train your dog.

Note: Most behavior training takes 6-12 months for the dog to fully understand various situations. So, be patient with your pup – every dog learns at a different pace.

2. Keep Your Dog With You Whenever You're Home

When you keep your dogs around you whenever you’re home, a couple of things happen.
When you keep an eye out on your dog at home, he will not get into destructive behaviors like chewing, defecating, or any other type of unwanted behavior. Furthermore, having your dog around you while at home helps your dog become used to being in a passive state and looking for commands from you. This will help hugely when leash training.

3. Devise a Realistic Training Schedule

Pick a time each day and stick with it! Whatever works best for you, night or day, it doesn’t matter. Pick a date and stick with it. Lock that date in your phone calendar, set daily reminders so that you remember. If you only have 20-30 minutes per day, great! Again, staying consistent is more important than long, excruciating training sessions once a month.

4. Control Your Dog's Environment

While this training tip is much easier said than executed, it will work miracles in the beginning stages of training. In the opening weeks and months of training, working on new commands in a distraction-free environment will help your pup focus and learn new behaviors faster.

Performing training sessions in an open area of your home works wonders. Being inside limits distractions, making it easier to train your good pup. As your puppy grows and learns new skills, you can introduce him to new elements (other people, dogs, new settings). Just be sure to keep things as simple as possible in the beginning stages.

5. Show Your Dog Some LOVE

Loving your pup is imperative if you want to cultivate a bond in which he responds to your training. Training your dog is not only about teaching him basic commands – it’s so much more than that. It’s about creating a deeper bond and cherishing each other. As the amount of love between you and your dog grows, trust and obedience follow.

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