5 Tips on How to Combat Herding Behavior

Herding dogs are prized for their acute intellect, agile footwork, and eager barking. Whether you recently got a herding breed or have a shelter buddy you suspect may be part shepherd or collie (herding breeds), one thing is certain: herding dogs can be a lot to deal with. 

Common traits among herding breeds include:

  • Active and alert (at times even anxious)
  • Agile
  • Athletic and hardy
  • High energy

Herding Behavior Concerns

Herding behavior is reminiscent of predatory instincts, to hunt and prey on other creatures. Regrettably, instincts are embedded in DNA, meaning if a herding dog’s needs aren’t met, they can be pretty bothersome later down the line. 

If your dog constantly seeks to repress your movements, round up the children, or move the cats (or other dogs) around the house, your dog is displaying clear signs of herding behavior.

Calm And Order

Calm and Order

The moment your dog starts showing you around, stay calm. Avoid giggling, pushing him away, or yelling. This may reinforce the behavior; your dog might think you’re trying to play with him.

Increased Leash Time

Increased Leash Time

Leash your dog on your daily commute until you’re confident you’ve got their herding behavior under control. The leash will enable you to maintain control over your dog’s spirited temperament. That way, they can’t take off and start trailing and herding random animals.

5 Tips on How to Combat Herding Behavior

Keep Your Dog Busy

Provide your dog with different ways to satisfy their urge to herd. Play games like fetch and tug. Train your dog to “sit” before throwing the item when playing fetch. This teaches your dog self-discipline and mitigates their urge to pursue moving things. On the other hand, tugging keeps your dog’s mouth occupied by giving it an outlet to bite and nip.

Entertainment And Positive Reinforcement

Entertainment and Positive Reinforcement

Keep your herding dog busy and distracted so that they are less likely to succumb to their herding behavior. Provide mental stimulation (toys) and obedience training sessions with prizes. Take your dog on play dates so that they can meet other people and dogs and can develop their socializing skills. 

Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapies can be used alone or combined with those above for a more comprehensive treatment against anxiety and temperament issues in herding dogs. For example, dog treats and tinctures contain plant-based ingredients proven to help ease overly-excited dogs.

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