8 Ways to Play with Your Cat

Cats love to play. As a pet parent, you must provide your kitten(s) with an appropriate outlet by engaging in interactive games or providing the right toys. To regularly play with your cat will strengthen your bond and trust and teach you about your cat’s personality.

How To Bond With Your Cat?

How To Bond With Your Cat?

Playing with your youngling kittens promotes healthy physical development. In addition, by playing with their siblings, they can improve and hone their social and interaction skills. As kittens grow, their play pattern changes; they focus more on stalking, pouncing on, batting, grasping, and biting objects. Playing time also provides an outlet for your cat to relieve boredom, prevent behavior problems. Furthermore, it encourages daily exercise that promotes weight loss and prevents future health complications.Β 

There are several toys available online, including fishing rod-type toys, softballs, and artificial mice. You don’t have to go all out on toys and spend a fortune. Paper shopping bags and cardboard boxes are all they need sometimes. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s not dangerous – avoid things with detachable parts that could break off and be swallowed.

h small attachments that could break off and be swallowed.

How To Play With A Cat

Cats like to move(when they’re in the mood), so the toy must be able to move in fast and unpredictable ways, just like a fake mouse or ball. Also, toys that reflect light are particularly attractive to cats.Β 

Cats also fancy toys with various textures around the size of their instinctive prey (mice). Some cats love squeaky toys, but they may be startled by them at first, so introduce them carefully. As a cat owner, you know cats can grow bored of the same toys, so be sure to keep them on their toes by getting them new playthings every few days or so.

Secret tip: You can boost your cat’s interest in a toy by rubbing the toy in catnip (Nepeta cataria). Cats usually respond to the active but safe chemical in this herb by miaowing and interacting with it.

Interactive games

Cats are different, which means they fancy different types of entertainment. While all games are supposed to be fun, avoid playing rough and tumble games with your cat. These types of interactive games might encourage your cat to bite you. Instead, opt for a few short daily sessions rather than one long session a day.

Fishing-Rod-Type Toys

Although you might be tempted to lift these fishing poles high so that your cat jumps as high as he can, don’t. Raise it, so your cat can catch the prey with its paws and bite at it. Otherwise, your cat may find it too hard and lose interest. Always put away this type of toy after playtime as cats are known to get tangled in the string or tear off small pieces of it and eat them.


Cats climb; that’s what they do. If your cat is quite the solo climber, a tiered scratching post is ideal for your little buddy. In addition, this type of design helps your cat feel safe as it provides plenty of hiding spots and a high shelf for him to watch over the place.

Food games

Domestic cats don’t have to hunt for their meals, but you can add some animation and liveliness into feeding time with a food ball. A food ball is a bit bigger than a tennis ball, in which you can insert dried cat food. As the cat plays with the ball with its paws, the pieces of food drop out. A bit of tuna or cat treats in a scrunched-up piece of paper can also be really fun for your cat.


Make play balls more exciting by pulling them along on a string or launching them up the stairs to see if your cat can catch them before the ball falls back over to you.


Cats love to scratch and stretch. So make sure you provide a scratching post for them to do their stuff. (the taller the better).


Cats love to crawl into tiny places and jump in and out of boxes and small crevasses. These hiding spots can be used when your cat needs some privacy. That said, encourage your cat into these spaces with toys and food.


Training your cat to perform astonishing tricks can be a great bonding experience for both of you, and it keeps your cat’s mind active. However, keep the training light-hearted and fun – never force your cat into complying with commands he doesn’t feel like following.


Interactively playing with your cat can be super fun and convenient as it provides helpful exercise for cats of all ages. Just as important, it strengthens the cat-human bond, which is a win-win for everyone’s well-being. In addition, playing allows your cat to hone its hunting skills. Lastly, playing with your cat is a sure way for your cat to clear some negative energy. .

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