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Behavior Problems Frequently Seen in Rescue Dogs

Are you thinking of making a difference in a dog’s life? Before you commit, read on for some typical behavioral issues observed in rescue dogs.

Rescue Dog Behavior

Housebreaking Problems

Before adopting a rescue dog, always be mindful that the dog may have spent most of his life on the streets. Therefore, getting used to indoor life might be a challenge. 

Aggressive Behavior

Aggressive Behavior

Aggression in rescue dogs can be hereditary. However, excessive aggression may indicate that a real issue exists! The previous dog owners may have been abusive. The aggression of the owner would have reinforced the dog’s genetic behavior. Aggression in rescue dogs may result in the dog disliking new guests, new pets, or new children who take up all the attention. 

Shy or Fearful Behavior

If the rescue dog’s previous owner was abusive, the dog might fear people or look to flee harmful situations. If other dogs in the former home dominated him, he might be shy around other dogs. Additionally, he may fear noises because he associates them with traumatizing incidents in his last shelter. Time and patience are required to change a rescue dog. However, you cannot change genetics entirely.

Behavior Problems Frequently Seen In Rescue Dogs

Lack of Discipline/Obedience Training

Rescue dogs lack discipline. They stop obeying you because of trust issues. The more love you give them, the more trainable they become. Rescue dogs need to be understood before being trained.

Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety

Dogs that were neglected in their previous homes fear that their new owner will do the same. That said, these trust issues may turn into separation anxiety. They need lots of love and attention before they can begin to trust you.

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Caring for Your Rescue Dog

Putting your rescue dog on a plant-based diet may allow them to process their environment more steadily, keeping them calm and patient even when they are left alone.  Especially for older dogs who may suffer from heart or breathing conditions, keeping rescue dogs calm and anxiety-free is very important. 

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