Cornbread Pet Herbal Supplements

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of plant-based oils for humans, including relief in muscle and joint discomfort, anxiety, and supporting a healthy sleep pattern. It may seem strange at first, but pets can benefit in just the same way. 

Return the affection you receive from your pet with Cornbread’s pet drops and capsules. These blends of plant-based extracts support calmness and well-being for your pet in a completely natural way. Cornbread’s pet products are perfect for thunderstorms, stressful trips to the vet, or other sources of anxiety.

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Cornbread Pet Products

Cornbread’s newest plant-based oil formula for pets is now twice the concentration! Formulated with the same premium distilled extract found in human oils, Cornbread’s pet oil is an excellent addition to your pet’s regimen. The brand has added natural corndog flavoring for added taste. Even the pickiest of pets can enjoy the savory flavor of this corndog-flavored oil.

So, how do pets benefit from plant-based supplements? With consistent use, of course. Just like the human oils, Cornbread’s pet oil is safe and comes with a very low risk of side effects. Many parents are incorporating these supplements into their pet’s diet for added support and relief. If you’re a pet owner wondering if plant-based products are safe for your fur children, Cornbread is your best bet!

Cornbread Pet Products

A Lab-Tested Tincture for Pets 

Although plant-based oils and treats are easy to find, it’s essential to understand that many brands use low-quality extracts to make these products for pets. Many of these dubious pet products contain little to no extract at all, leaving you with an ineffective, potentially harmful formula. So, if you want to give the best to your pet, do your research before committing.

About Cornbread

One of the most respected names in the natural wellness industry, Cornbread specializes in plant-based supplements, all derived from plants grown on Kentucky farms. The Louisville-based brand is known for the fascinating story behind its creation and its large selection of USDA certified organic products, which includes oils, creams, capsules, and much more. Furthermore, the brand carries the USDA certified organic seal on all of its oils designed for people, guaranteeing them to be free of harmful particles and are third-party lab tested for optimal potency and safety.

Shop Cornbread for More Plant-based Supplements

If you are looking for more quality plant-based products for your pet, look no further than Kentucky’s Cornbread. We encourage visiting their website for more quality supplements for pets and humans. 

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