Dealing With Your Cat’s Anxiety

If your cat has grown accustomed to you being around all day during quarantine, leaving them for long periods can be stressful for both of you. Although anxious cats usually settle after a few days, it’s still a worry for cat parents. Here are five ways cat owners can reduce their cat’s anxiety naturally.

Dealing With an Anxious Kitty

Maintain Your Cat’s Health

Maintain Your Cat’s Health

Keeping your cat healthy is a significant first step in managing your cat’s anxiety. That said, schedule mandatory yearly veterinary wellness visits. Catching a latent medical issue in the early stages improves the odds of letting the symptoms affect the livelihood of your cat. Additionally, keep up at-home good practices such as a healthy diet, parasite check, dental and nail care.

Improve Mealtime

Improve Mealtime

Get your cat quality food that’s appropriate for her age and health. Next, set up a well-disposed mealtime environment by keeping the feeding area clean and welcoming. Use a food bowl that’s a suitable size and shape and doesn’t cause your cat’s whiskers to get in the way. 

Make More Time for Playtime

Playtime is not only about fun and exercise. Playtime releases endorphins and helps a cat develop positive connections with its surroundings and family members. Playtime helps reduce everyday stress and promote a deeper bond between you and your kitty. Engage in daily playtime and create fun activities for your cat when you aren’t home. Such activities can include puzzle feeders, tunnels, and other activities to keep your cat active and busy.

Consider Plant-Based Supplements

Consider Plant-Based Supplements

Plant-based supplements have become widely popular in helping support pets through vet visits, long car trips, the groomer, or simply old age-related complications. Your cat, too, can reap the benefits of such supplements, with ingredients that help support:

  • A sense of relaxation
  • Healthy inflammatory function
  • Healthy movement and joint function
  • Healthy appetite

Examine Your Cat’s Environment

Examine Your Cat’s Environment

Just like humans, cats need their peace and calm when they get stressed. Consider giving your cat his own corner so that she can hide away whenever she wants to. Additionally, provide her with a good scratching post. Scratching helps relieve stress. Ensure your cat’s scratching post is steady and high enough for your cat to stretch out fully. Many parents make the mistake of getting cat posts that are actually too small for grown cats.

Improving Your Cat’s Quality of Life Naturally

The brand’s premium oil for cats combines high-quality plant extracts with krill oil to deliver a more potent and soothing effect. Owners worldwide have used King Kanine’s supplements to aid their pets experiencing anxiousness-related issues, physical discomfort, noise discomfort, and so much more.

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About King Kanine

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