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FAB – Natural Wellness Products for Pitbulls

Pitbull parents have recently discovered the amazing benefits of herbal products. Several studies published data confirming the results of using herbal products to support a wide variety of conditions in dogs; some of which include:

  • Promoting healthy joints
  • Fighting separation, noise anxiety, and travel anxiety – promoting a sense of stillness
  • Relieving symptoms of allergies and itching in dogs

Fab – Natural Wellness Products for Pitbulls

Best Way to Improve Your Pitbull’s Wellbeing

If your doggo allows it, consider giving him some herbal oil directly in their mouth. Doing it this way allows for the best and fastest absorption as the product bypasses the digestive tract.

If your pitbull doesn’t like the oil format, don’t sweat it. There are wonderful treats out there that will get the job done. We recommend some great chicken flavored treats from FAB for easy administration.

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FAB’s Tasty Treats For Pitbulls

Snack time just got healthier for your dog. FAB Crunchy Dog Treats are formulated without grains, soy, or dairy! These herbal-infused dog treats contain a comprehensive herbal extract profile and terpenes that are beneficial to your dog! Parents can now choose from the following formulas and flavors.

  • Calm & Cool (Peanut Butter Apple)
  • Skin & Coat (Salmon)
  • Active Immune (Chicken)

A Trusted Brand For Your Dog’s Wellness Needs

Due to their premium formulations and commitment to creating the best products on the market, FAB has gained status as one of the industry’s most trusted brands. Their products have been featured in prestigious publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, LA Weekly, Tuck, Leafly, and even Make A Wish.

About FAB

FAB is a manufacturer and retailer of quality herbal products, some of which have proven more than useful in improving pets’ quality of life. They are dedicated to creating the best possible products for their customers and their furry children. Moreover, they have a great passion for assisting newcomers in finding their happy place through their comprehensive online shop.

Dog's Wellnes

Discover More FAB Products

There is no doubt that FAB is one of the best options when it comes to herbal supplements. From pet treats to gummies and everything else in between, FAB is guaranteed to have the right product for you. If you are new to the natural wellness world, we encourage you to read more about the brand on their website to see for yourself why FAB is right for you. 

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