Your Guide to the Fuzziest, Fluffiest Cats

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When it comes to cats, the fluffier they are, the better. After all, who doesn’t want to spend all day at home cozied up to their soft kitten?

If you’re looking to adopt a fluffy feline companion, you may be wondering where to start and what breeds to look out for. What breed of cats are the fuzziest and most fun to cuddle with? And how much will it cost you to own a fluffy feline? 

No need to go anywhere else, we’ve got it covered. Here are ten of the most luxuriously soft cat breeds.

1. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

This soft breed of cat is agile and super low-maintenance. These furry cats like to keep to themselves, and tend to be reserved with visitors – not your typical lap cat. These cats have a majestic look, thanks to their fancy coats. Make sure to keep it looking nice and fluffy by brushing it once or twice a week with a bristle brush. 

Originally, these cats lived outdoors, becoming effective hunters. They have since been bred to embrace more domestic life. Because of their evolution from the wild, these fluffy cats have waterproof furs and are very good climbers. So, don’t be frightened if they start going up trees and make sure they have toys to explore this side of themselves.

A Norwegian Forest Cat will cost you between $850 and $1000.

2. Persian

Persian Cat

These fluffy cats are quiet and sweet but can also be snooty and temperamental around loud noises or children. However, in a calm environment, these cats will be loyal lappets and love having their fur brushed. 

Persian cats need daily grooming to keep their coats shiny and tangle-free, perhaps the most high-maintenance of the long-haired cat breeds. Persian cats also come in different stripes and a variety of coats and patterns. Make sure that along with daily brushing, you regularly bathed their lush fur at least once a month.

A Persian cat’s cost will vary from $500 to $5000.

3. Exotic Shorthair 

Exotic Shorthair Cat

Colloquially known as the “lazy man’s Persian,” this fluffy cat has the same body type and easygoing nature of a Persian, without the long coat and need for daily grooming. Its hair is thick, dense, and plush like a stuffed animal. 

These cats are tons of fun to play around with. Exotic Shorthairs are also more adventurous than Persian cats and willing to get more activity.

A fun fact about Exotic Shorthairs is that they are a new breed, only being introduced within the past 50 years. These originally came from Persian cats, bred to eliminate their long coats.

An Exotic Shorthair will cost you between $1200 and $2000.

4. Domestic Long Hair

Domestic Long Hair Cat

This long-haired cat is one of the most common breeds in North America and has a breeding history tracking 400 years ago. 

Their personalities vary from cat to cat, but they’re generally quite adoring and smart. Because of their long, fluffy coats, owners should brush and groom them weekly, sometimes even daily, to avoid mats and tangles. The Domestic Long Hair’s fur can range from 2-6 inches in length and also have a puffy neck ruff, giving them a regal flair. 

A Domestic Long Hair could cost from $100 to $500 – one of the more affordable options available. 

5. Ragdoll

Ragdoll Cat

These furry cats are always eager to cuddle. Ragdolls are big, yet gentle and sociable – often fond of humans, children, and most other animals. They’re sweetly nicknamed “puppy cats” because of how they follow people from room to room. If you are seeking a soft companion that’ll crave your attention, a Ragdoll cat is for you. 

Its silky coat is medium to long in length, with an easy to groom soft texture. Ragdoll owners must use a stainless steel comb and be gentle so they’ll enjoy the quality time more. 

A Ragdoll will cost you anywhere from $400 to $2000.

6. British Short Hair

British Short Hair Cat

These are short, round, and easygoing felines. On top of being laidback, British Shorthairs are brilliant enough to learn tricks or play with puzzle toys for cats. They’re pretty similar to the Exotic Shorthair’s fur texture, as the coat is short, plush, and dense. 

A British Shorthair may experience shedding during spring and fall, so it’s important to brush them regularly. However, during winter and summer, owners can settle for a weekly brushing. 

British Shorthairs are otherwise pretty low maintenance, having calm auras with rare bursts of energy. 

A British Short Hair will cost you around $800 to $1000. 

7. Somali

Somali Cat

The Somali cat is similar to Persian cats because they also have an air of royalty and medium-long coats. They’re definitely one of the most statuesque looking of cat breeds, tall with long ears, a full neck-ruff, and a bushy tail. 

Their personalities are also quirky and funny, doing weird things all over the home, and love being around their owners. 

Their long coats are easy to manage, and owners should comb them several times a week. Somalis also have a “double coat,” meaning they have a long coat plus extra fluff on their thighs. 

Somali costs can run from $1000 to $1200.

8. Siberian

Siberian Cat

For cat lovers looking for hypoallergenic kitties, Siberian cats might have the right fluff for you! 

They shed fur through spring and fall, so it’s pertinent to brush their coat a couple of times a week. You won’t need to worry about baths, though, because Siberian coats are also waterproof. 

Siberians trace their origins all the way to Russia, meaning Siberian felines are resistant to snow and harsh weather conditions. 

These cats also have triple coats with guard hairs, which thicken in freezing temperatures. Moreover, they’re sweet with owners and moderately active, mostly willing to cuddle. 

Siberians can cost from $1000 to $1200.

9. Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail Cat

These cats love being around families, bounding with energy, and a joy for life. Japanese Bobtails are also the kind of felines to follow you around. 

A telling physical feature is their stubby bobtail, peeking out like a bunny tail. Japanese Bobtails have no undercoat with a single fluffy medium-long coat. With similar shedding seasons as most cats, spring and fall will require brushing at least two times weekly. 

They can cost $600 to $1000.

10. Maine Coon

Maine Coon Cat

A friendly cat, Maine Coons love big families and socializing with other cats and dogs. These felines have impressive ruffs and a wild coat that is super soft and fun to touch. As hard as it looks, they only require a weekly combing. 

Maine Coons usually cost $400 to $1500.


Fuzziest, Fluffiest Cats

Cats are great personalities and wonderful companions to have at home. 

Fluffy cat breeds, in particular, are cuddly, soft, and loveable. Though, these breeds are highly sought after and are also often the most expensive out on the market for their silky and soft coats. 

Like any cat, they’ll need lots of love, and also daily grooming for their beautiful manes.

Make sure to weigh all options when choosing to adopt a cat to bring into your home. We hope you find the fluffy pal you’ve been waiting for.

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