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Did you know pets suffer from inflammation too? Give them the antioxidant support they need.

Did You Know Pets Suffer From Inflammation Too?

Just like us, our furry, feathery, and scaly best friends can experience uncomfortable inflammation in their joints, skin, and internal tissues. And, while inflammation might not be top of mind when considering your pet’s health, it impacts their quality of life in various ways. 

As your pet gets older, damaging oxidative free radicals can impact their body’s ability to function at the cellular level. This can play a role in the development of various health risks. Here are a few of the most common forms of inflammation in pets and how antioxidants, like C60, can support a healthy inflammatory response so that your pet can act and feel like it did when it was younger!  


Types Of Pet Inflammation

Joint Inflammation: Joint inflammation is one of the most common conditions that pets and humans share. Free radical damage to the cartilage surrounding joints can make it difficult for your pet to move or stand. This is especially true for horses, who, like human athletes, experience aches and pains as they get older related to exercise and physical activity. 

Skin Inflammation: Like us, our pets can also have allergies and experience related skin inflammation in the form of rashes or bald spots. The result is frequent scratching or licking that may lead to further skin irritation and even infection.

Intestinal Inflammation: Inflammation in an animals’ intestines can cause loss of appetite and other stomach issues. While the cause of this type of inflammation is unknown, bacteria, parasites, or an allergic response likely play a role.

Inflammation of Internal Tissues: Your pet may also experience inflammation in other internal tissues. This can be harder to spot, but if left untreated, it can lead to decreased appetite, tiredness, or lack of energy and may even cause your pet physical pain.  

Help With Your Pet’s Healthy Inflammatory Response

C60 Purple Power offers the ultimate antioxidant protection. Carbon 60 (C60) is a selective antioxidant that works at the cellular level to eliminate free radicals from the cells. The result is a balanced inflammatory response, which maximizes your pet’s cells’ efficiency, increasing energy levels, promoting longevity, and supporting a healthy immune system. C60 may benefit your pet by

  • Encouraging healthy cartilage cells around joints to increase your pet’s mobility: C60 can promote cartilage production and decrease enzymes that cause premature aging of cartilage cells. For horses particularly, C60 has been shown to promote increased movement and more youthful bones and joints. 
  • Supporting healthy skin and fur: Giving your pet C60, or even applying it topically to an affected area of skin, can support a healthy inflammatory response to allergens.
  • Promote your pet’s gut health: C60 has antimicrobial properties and can support a healthy immune response. 
  • Promote increased energy levels for your pet: C60 helps maximize energy production at the cellular level. 

Perfect For Pets of Any Size 

From your largest horse to your smallest parakeet, C60 Purple Power has all of your pets covered.  

Because it works at the cellular level, C60 supports longevity, a healthy inflammatory response, and healthy immune function in various animals. C60 Purple Power for Pets  is available in Organic MCT Coconut Oil, Organic Avocado Oil, and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. What oil is right for your pet?  

  • Horses – Organic MCT Coconut or Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best for horses. 
  • Birds – MCT Coconut Oil is best for birds, but do not give them avocado oil. 
  • Dogs – Organic Avocado Oil or Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best for dogs. 
  • Cats – Organic Avocado Oil or Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best for cats. 

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