Helping Your K9 Transition Into Retirement

Retiring your hard-working K9 is not an easy decision, especially after decades of service. It’s hard to identify the perfect time to act on this decision, but if you are reading this, that means you’ve been considering it. Before you commit to a timeline, there are some points to consider. Retiring a K9 dog is a highly emotional choice to make, and there is no one-off guide to follow. However, the adage “follow your heart” is typically excellent advice.

Retiring Your Partner in Crime

In most cases, K9 dogs retire because of age. However, by age 9 or 10, theyโ€™re ready to retire and spend their remaining years relaxing.

The stress of performing police work for years can have adverse consequences on a senior dog. Retired police dogs may exhibit negative behaviors, including depression, aggression, separation anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder. That said, they may require further training during retirement and, in some cases, resocialization.

While retirement gives police K-9 an incredible opportunity to be just a family dog, you should be aware of such consequences. So, if your interest in pursuing this type of rescue is unyielding, read on for a healthy solution to post-service life.

King Kanineโ€™s Solution To Help Your K9 Transition Into Retirement

King Kanineโ€™s Solution to Help Your K9 Transition Into Retirement

Life in the police force isn’t always easy. Like their handlers, police K-9s often face stressful situations and sometimes life-threatening risks. So a healthy transition to retirement is an opportunity to provide your old buddy the chance to just be a pet in their final years.

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  • Help with anxiousness
  • Alleviate physical discomfort
  • Help reduce inflammation & noise discomfort

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