Herbal Supplements and Cat Food

Plant-based supplements for cats might sound like a waste of money, but they actually offer some real benefits, especially if your kitty suffers from anxiety. Cats are more sensitive than humans and can’t handle the high doses of conventional drugs. Instead, plant-based supplements are a perfect solution for these furry little creatures because they don’t have any psychotropic effects or addictive properties. This post will go over why you should consider giving your cat some natural supplements in their food!

Just like all animals, cats suffer from anxiety as well. Unfortunately, cats can’t express themselves; instead, they will show their suffering through various signs and symptoms and often develop destructive behaviors.

Symptoms of cat anxiety:

  • Neglecting to use the Litter tray
  • Aggression
  • A change in appetite or weight
  • Following people around the house
  • Shift in mood
  • An increase in vocalization (excessive meowing)
  • Lack of energy
  • Vomiting

If your cat has exhibited one of the following, you might have an anxious pooch on your hands. This is where King Kanine comes in! As one of America’s top pet wellness brands, King Kanine offers high-quality products based on the size of your pet for several conditions. Let’s explore the brand and its unique pet wellness products.

King Kanine Quality Plant-Based Supplements for Cats

For Stress

Stress affects cats just like humans. A variety of things can cause cat anxiety. They’re often similar to those that cause humans to feel anxious, such as significant changes to regular routine or circumstances. Events such as family gatherings or introducing a new character to the family can provoke anxiety in cats.
That’s where plant-based supplements come in. King Kanine’s tinctures for cats have a calming effect on the nerves, promoting relaxation in animals and supporting a healthy emotional balance. It helps pets cope with external stresses and situations that may induce nervousness and helps them keep a regular and relaxed mood.

For Pain

Anxiety is not the only condition that plant-based supplements can help alleviate. A lot of cat owners are looking for natural alternatives to help manage their kitty’s physical discomfort. Whether your cat is recovering from a recent operation or is experiencing pain from natural aging, plant-based supplements can help. Such supplements can support a healthy inflammatory response in the body, which helps with stiffness and soreness while promoting healthy cellular activity and muscle recovery.

For Wellness

Humans take vitamins and other natural supplements to improve their immune systems. Did you know cats can benefit from immune-boosting supplements as well? Extra support can make all the difference in enhancing your kitty’s quality of life, especially if you’ve got a senior kittyzen at home. In addition to supporting their immune system, such supplements may also support healthy cardiovascular and neurological functions and help maintain physical and emotional well-being.

Improve Your Pet's Wellbeing Naturally with King Kanine

Plant-based tinctures and treats have become easily accessible to pet owners. However, many brands use low-quality materials to formulate these products and claim they are effective. Many of these less than reputable pet products contain little to no extract at all, leaving you with an ineffective, potentially harmful dupe. So, if you want to give the best to your pet, go with King Kanine. To use King Kanine’s oil for cats, most owners drop the oil into their kitty’s food bowl and whisk it with a little bit of their favored food. However, you can also apply it directly into their mouths for faster absorption.

About King Kanine

With millions of satisfied pet parents worldwide, King Kanine is the leader in pet wellness products! The Florida-based company specializes in organically-sourced supplements made to support the health and well-being of pets, including cats and dogs of all breeds and sizes. King Kanine also offers a range of innovative grooming tools and hygiene products designed to provide pet parents with a more natural approach to daily pet care.

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The symptoms of cat anxiety can often conceal other underlying conditions, so make sure to visit your vet to rule out any pending conditions.

Special cat calming products in various forms are readily available but shouldn’t be relied upon as the only solution. Sometimes, simple adjustments in your cat’s environment or diet can be the answer to relieving their anxieties.

If you are looking for safe and natural ways to improve your cats’ quality of life, King Kanine is your best bet. We encourage you to visit KingKanine.com to learn more about their mission, products, and how they can help your pets start living better every day.

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