How to Treat Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Hemp products are being introduced to the ever-growing market at a fascinating rate.

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Although scientific research has not yet caught up with the bustling industry, preliminary research shows that humans are not the only mammals that can benefit from the compound’s therapeutic effects. That’s right! Our furry friends, too, can consume hemp products and have access to the benefits.

Many companies have started formulating their own pet treats infused with hemp to allow pets (cats & dogs) to live healthier, more relaxed lives; however, no company compares to FOMO Bones. FOMO Bones is a hemp retailer focused exclusively on selling high-quality dog treats. Unlike some of their competitors who get their hemp from unknown sources, their hemp is sourced directly from family-owned hemp farms in Colorado and is produced in accordance with the 2014 Farm Bill. 

The company believes in quality over profit, and they are committed to research and in being transparent so that its customers understand the benefits behind every ingredient they put in their dog treats.

The Conception of Fomo Bones

The founders of FOMO Bones have a personal history with hemp. As genuine dog lovers, Mike and Beau witnessed the amazing capabilities of the compound as Beau’s dog, Ziggy, experienced exceptional improvement after being diagnosed with a type of terminal cancer. Although the end was inevitable for Beau’s companion, the two colleagues refused to give up and decided to try incorporating hemp into Ziggy’s diet. 

Surprisingly, the pain in her back legs receded, and she was able to find joy in running again. She was also able to sleep soundly at night and even regain her appetite. However, despite this temporary improvement, Ziggy passed away from cancer in 2018.

Mike and Beau went on to carry Ziggy’s legacy by spreading awareness on how helpful hemp products can be for dogs as they are for humans.

FOMO Bones’ Dog Treats

Just like us, dogs often cope with anxiety like post-traumatic stress disorder and separation anxiety. Unfortunately, most pet parents don’t always know how to help their pets.  

Separation anxiety is fairly common among family dogs. This anxiety usually manifests itself in troublesome behavior, such as urinating or defecating in the house, ruining furniture, and continuously barking. This is especially hard for pet owners who work away from home all day and are compelled to leave their pets at home for the day.

This is where FOMO Bones Dog Treats come in. With FOMO Bones treats, parents can reward their dogs in the morning with a comforting treat before heading out for work, which helps their four-legged friend find relaxation during the day. 

The treats are made with natural ingredients and always free from grains. Some of the ingredients they contain include potatoes, natural bacon flavor, whole peas, sweet potatoes, potato starch, dried plain beet pulp, mixed tocopherols for preservatives (antioxidant properties), carrots, and rosemary extract. They contain absolutely no THC, so your dog will never get high or feel intoxicated. Pet owners can relax during the day, knowing their dogs are in good hands.

Say Goodbye to Separation Anxiety

FOMO Bones Dog treats are specifically made to help dogs who struggle with anxiety.  With their super convenient subscription service, running out of treats is a thing of the past. If your dog has shown any of the symptoms mentioned above, try these treats, and you will notice the amazing impact they will have on your dog’s quality of life.

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