King Kalm Crunch Product Review

“If you have food, you have to share it!” – Every good boy ever. 

Just like we are what we eat, the same can be said of your dog. Diet has a significant role in shaping up your dog’s life. What they consume directly impacts their physical and mental health. Choosing to go natural with your pet’s food and supplements is essential and responsible for improving his quality of life.  

One of the most straightforward ways to include natural food into your dog’s regimen is by getting him more of his favorite things – treats! Plant-based dog treats are of superior quality and with many health benefits. For example, high-quality, plant-based treats contribute to healthier digestion, lower risk of mental illness, strong immunity, increased energy, and overall improved physical and psychological health. 

Chewing is a mental stimulator for dogs and a way to relieve anxiety, so get them something good to chew on!

Organic Pet Chews

The King Kalm line of plant-based treats for dogs and cats offers parents the perfect way to spoil their pets naturally and efficiently. These delicate pet chews have been formulated with naturally derived cannabidiol and other organic ingredients such as honey, apples, and turmeric for easy administration. In addition, each chew is gluten-free and rich in vitamins and Omega-3s.

Flavors and Ingredients in King Kanine’s Dog Treats

King Kanine’s King Kalm Crunch treats for dogs are available in three delicious, all-natural flavors.

  • Blueberry Apple: flax blaze: blueberries, sweet potatoes, eggs, diced apples, honey, oat flour, flax seeds
  • Organic Cinnamon Summer: organic apples, cinnamon, oat flour, turmeric, black peppercorn
  • Honey Roasted Almond Flax: almond, eggs, honey, rolled oats, oat flour, turmeric, black peppercorn



King Kanine’s Omega 3 Chews

Pet Wellness Is Organic 

Each King Kalm Crunch and Tincture batch has been professionally formulated with your pet’s well-being and happiness in mind. The organic ingredients in the chews and drops have been meticulously selected to provide your pet with a potent dose of nutrients and essential fatty acids for optimal benefits. Furthermore, all their products are third-party tested to ensure they are safe and beneficial to your pet’s wellness.

What Real Customers Are Saying 

King Kalm™ Crunch

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If you’re looking for a natural way to improve your pet’s quality of life, King Kanine is the perfect place to start. The pet wellness brand carries something for every type of furry friend. King Kanine also offers a range of innovative grooming tools and health products designed to provide pet parents with a more natural approach to daily pet care. We encourage you to visit to learn more about their mission, products, and how they can help your pets start living better every day.

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