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Natural Products Designed to Help Manage Your Dog’s Pain

Humans are not the only mammals that can benefit from alternative wellness therapeutic effects. As crazy as that sounds, pets can also have access to the benefits of the compound because they, too, have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is involved in many major functions, including regulating anxiety levels, sleep cycle, pain perception, anti-inflammatory response, mood, and so much more. 

The innovative discovery spurred a new wave of companies offering alternative wellness products for pets such as dogs as well as cats. One of the best to have emerged from this crowd is SitStay–  an online dog supply retailer focused on service dogs, therapy dogs, and all dogs in between. SitStay was one of the first online retailers to ship high-quality pet products directly to buyers. Now the company has over two decades in the business and is still a trusted leader for everything your dog needs and desires.

SitStay – The Ultimate Pet Store

SitStay is committed to venerating the country’s service dogs by providing them with the best products to meet their particular lifestyles. SitStay understands that dog owners want the best when it comes to their working companions. SitStay believes that every working dog deserves quality pet products to keep them happy, healthy, and on their feet. That’s why the company is trusted by thousands of pet handlers across the country and worldwide.

One of SitStay’s main attributes is exceptional customer service and satisfaction. Each product in their vast collection is carefully selected for its quality and reliability. From service dog accessories to natural treats and supplements, you can trust your companion is getting the best product in the market.  

Besides customer satisfaction, SitStay is also highly committed to quality. Unlike most brands out there, the company prioritizes quality over everything else; The result, an extensive assortment of high-quality products each uniquely formulated for your hard-working dog. When it comes to natural supplements, the company’s preferred brand is Natural Doggie Brand, a collection of high-quality alternative wellness oils and treats geared toward promoting dogs’ health and wellbeing.

Shop SitStay for More High-Quality Pet Products

The alternative wellness for pets movement is still in its infancy. Due to the lack of regulations in the industry, many companies sell deceiving, untested pet products. These fraudulent brands are stigmatizing the reputation of the alternative wellness industry. Fortunately, SitStay is one of the few companies we really trust. That is why we recommend you buy all your pet products from them. Why choose anything less for the working dog in your life?

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