New Hope Labs Pet Product Review

When it comes to herbal product shopping, users have so many options that it’s overwhelming. There are so many manufacturers and retailers out there that it can be challenging to sail the natural wellness waters and determine which product is the best for your furry friends. Oils are the most popular herbal products out there for pets because they’re easy to dose, administer, and mix with other things, but lately, we’ve seen different types of products emerge, such as flavored pet treats.

Today, we’re going to review pet products from New Hope Labs, a wellness company that excels in formulating herbal products for humans and pets. 

Who Is New Hope Labs?

New Hope Labs is a prominent farmer, manufacturer, and retailer of quality natural wellness products. The company is a revolutionary advocate of wellness in the pursuit of helping and building non-genetically modified products for the better good of humanity. New Hope Labs has over 28 years of experience as plant geneticists and farmers. They have grown in every climate and region of the world in multiple capacities. That’s why they are your most trusted source of quality herbal products.

New Hope Labs

New Hope Labs Pet Products

Pet Oil 

Like humans, pets are also prone to the detrimental effects of prolonged stress. To put it simply, pets have bad days too! New Hope Labs’ pet oil is uniquely formulated with herbal extracts and other naturally-derived ingredients, such as salmon oil, to complement a potent, more effective formula. With 30mg per serving, your little buddy is sure to find the relief he/she deserves.

Pet Treats

New Hope Labs is one of the very few innovative manufacturers to carry pet treats. Pet owners can use dog treats that are infused with the herbal extract to make administering easier for pets that may not be fans of the oils. Each of these bacon-flavored, heart-shaped treats contain 10mg of herbal extract and other ingredients, such as yellow peas, dried bacon, dried sweet potatoes, canola oil, and many more.

The Benefits of Herbal Products for Pets

Many responsible pet owners reported that herbal products have been able to help their pets find relaxation when left alone at home or recover after enduring surgery.  Here are the most common benefits of herbal products for pets. 

  • Reduces separation anxiety
  • Relieve aches
  • Reduces social anxiety

How Much Should I Give Them?

When giving oil to your pet, it’s essential that you watch out for the dosage and give them the right amount. If you get your product from a reliable manufacturer, then the dosage that’s described on the product itself should give you all the direction you need. The right dosage will also depend on the size of your buddy. Additionally, New Hope Labs’ products come with a conveniently marked dropper, making it super easy to measure the servings before administering it. 

The Benefits of Herbal Products for Pets

Shop New Hope Labs for More Products

If you’re looking for a natural wellness brand that’s reliable and sells quality products, then look no further than New Hope Labs. Unlike most brands, the New Hope Labs team consists of medical doctors, scientists, researchers, and farmers who all banded together to make a real-world difference in the wellness sector. 

They combined decades of knowledge from medicine to agronomy to provide families with the best herbal products. They have been formulating treatments from plant extracts all over the world for decades. Furthermore, they have partnered with the leading research and cancer institutions in the world to develop and publish clinical trials successfully in a myriad of applications and treatment protocols. 

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