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Noise Discomfort in Dogs: Symptoms and Natural Treatments

Maybe you have never heard of the term, but you are probably more than familiar with noise discomfort if you are a dog dad or mom. Also known as dog anxiety or noise phobia, this form of discomfort is a very common condition in dogs that consists of intense feelings of fear around loud and disruptive noises like thunder and fireworks. While it may seem harmless in most cases, the truth is that noise discomfort can result in many problems, including changes in behavior and long-lasting traumas.

Luckily, if your dog suffers from a noise-related anxiousness, there are now a few choices available on the market to help relieve his or her stress. Perhaps the most popular and most effective of these choices are natural tinctures formulated with calming, plant-based extracts, such as the ones made by King Kanine brands.

But how do you know if your dog suffers from noise discomfort in the first place?

Symptoms of Noise Discomfort

There usually isn’t one tell-tale sign of noise discomfort, so you must pay close attention to your dog’s behavior daily to better identify any possible symptoms. Symptoms of noise discomfort manifest when your pup is in the presence of loud, often usual noise, such as thunderstorms, noisy gatherings, fire alarms, fireworks, traffic, and other dogs barking.

There is a wide spectrum of symptoms associated with noise phobia ranging from mild to severe. The most telling symptoms may include: 

  • Shaking or trembling
  • Clinging to their human
  • Hiding or cowering
  • Pacing
  • Wide eyes
  • Panting or drooling
  • Unusual barking, whining, etc.
  • Unusual potty accidents
  • Tucking their tail between their legs
  • Pushing their ears back
  • Destructive behaviors like chewing and scratching
  • Refusing to move
  • Suddenly bolting to escape from the home or situation

If you notice any one or more of these signs in your dog over time, consider visiting a vet so that they can properly diagnose your dog with noise discomfort or perhaps another form of anxiety.

Natural Treatments for Noise Discomfort

Like we mentioned before, there are now various treatments that may help with noise anxiety. The best part is that many of these solutions are natural and can be practiced from the comfort of your own home. Of course, there is no guarantee that any one alternative is best for your dog, though many pet owners have discovered that plant extract oils may be the most effective.

Why Plant-Based Oils?

The reason plant-derived products like tinctures and oils have become so popular is that they offer powerful calming benefits in a natural way. Most importantly, high-quality plant-based supplements contain no chemicals or unnatural substances that may be harmful to your dog in the long term. Daily use of these supplements can provide numerous benefits that may help your four-legged best friend cope with noise-related problems, including:

  • Overall feelings of relaxation
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Better sleep quality
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Support for stiff muscles

In addition to these benefits for noise discomfort, plant-based oils may also provide extra benefits such as joint support and improved appetite.

The Best Brands Of Pet Oils

The Best Brands of Pet Oils

If you are looking to try plant-based oils for your dog’s noise-related anxiety, it’s strongly recommended that you try a reliable brand to ensure you give your dog superior formulas made with high-quality ingredients. That’s why we suggest you give King Kanine and their line of natural pet supplements a try. 

As one of the pioneering brands in the natural pet wellness space, King Kanine has been at the forefront of the industry for years. Their original King Kalm™ line of plant-based formulas has served as an example to follow for the rest of the brands in the industry, setting the standard for quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. In fact, King Kanine was the first brand in the industry to offer pharmacist-formulated products! King Kanine’s reputation as a trusted, credible brand has even led to its products being featured in prominent publications and media channels, including  ABC, CBS, and NBC.

To learn more about plant-based oils and King Kanine’s premium-quality supplements, visit KingKanine.com

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