Plant-Based Supplements for Anxious Horses

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to care for a horse(s), you understand how short-term stress allows them to respond to their environment. What you may not know is that if a horse remains stressed for an extended period, it may start to display dramatic changes in behavior and other health problems.

Stress can manifest itself in a horse’s daily routine or in new circumstances, such as events. As a horse owner, it’s essential to get to know your horse and its triggers, along with the various methods you can use to reduce the responses to those stressors.

Narrowing down your horse’s stressors can be complicated, but with a bit of patience and attention, you can spot them. Here are some factors that may be contributing to your horse’s sustained stress.

Anxiety Triggers in Horses

Separation From Herd

Separation From Herd 

Horses are pack animals. In the wild, horses stick together for social interaction and security against predators. Although your horse isn’t part of this wildlife society, it may still feel a bit anxious when it’s separated in its stall or alone in a pasture. Your horse may feel uneasy because they feel vulnerable even with no urgent danger around them.

Big Events

Just as humans feel nervous before a public performance, your horse likely feels uneasy when it’s around big crowds. There’s a variety of stressors that may cause your horse to become anxious at an event. Event stressors include:

  • Being around new horses
  • Feeling isolated from their herd mates
  • Being in a distinct environment
  • Not having access to food or water

A Poor Diet

A Poor Diet

Putting your horse on a diet that doesn’t meet its nutritional needs can make it feel unfulfilled and promote further stress. Horses require a well-balanced diet of:

  • Carbohydrates.
  • Fats.
  • Proteins.
  • Vitamins.
  • Minerals.

Housing Conditions

Housing Conditions

Your horse’s housing situation can also induce stress. For instance, if you move your horse to a new boarding site or move it to a fresh pasture it’s not used to, the unfamiliar environment can be difficult for them to process. Similarly, if there are boisterous noises and frequent traffic where you are boarding your horse, they can feel anxious as well.  

King Kanine’s Solution For Anxious Horses

King Kanine’s Solution for Anxious Horses

KING KALM™ 600 MG oil with copaiba oil and DHA for horses is formulated with all-natural plant extracts. The formula comes in a 30 ml bottle with one oral syringe for easy delivery. Like the rest of the KING KALM™ products, the oil for horses also includes a dosing chart to help owners determine the best dosage for their horse. Horse owners worldwide have relied on King Kanine’s products to support calmness, relaxation, joint mobility, and more.

Plant-Based Supplements for Anxious Horses


Improving Your Horse’s Quality of Life Naturally

King Kanine has been helping pet parents worldwide overcome the complications of living with anxious pets, including horses. The company has been featured in many mainstream publications, including ABC, CBS, The CW, NBC, and more. 

Your horse’s anxiety will improve with sustained and steady handling. Relieving your horse’s stress, much like learning how to ride, is a never-ending process. Certain nutritional supplements promote calmness in anxious horses. Supplements, such as King Kanine’s tinctures, can help reduce tension and anxiety in your horse.

About King Kanine

With millions of satisfied pet parents worldwide, King Kanine is undoubtedly a leader in pet wellness products. The Florida-based company specializes in organically sourced supplements to support pet health and well-being, including cats and horses. King Kanine also offers a line of innovative grooming tools designed to provide owners with a more natural approach to daily pet care.

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