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The Cutest Small Cat Breeds for Your Home

Small cat breeds are so cute, and finding the perfect one is just a matter of narrowing down all the desirable qualities you seek in a pet. Because small cats seem like an easy size to manage, some think it’ll generally be easier to take care of them. However, the smallest cat breeds have different needs, and it’s imperative to know those details before adopting or purchasing. 

The Singapura

Cat Singapura

This is the official smallest cat breed on the planet, tinier than half the size of a normal domesticated feline. Their personality is very playful and friendly and has inviting wide eyes and long ears. Its history of breeding starts in Asia where they were originally imported from America to Singapore then back to the U.S. again. 

The cons are that this energetic cat could climb into places it shouldn’t and cause some shenanigans. Not weighing more than five pounds, the smallest cat in the world is also fragile and more prone to injury since it is agile and reckless at times. 

The Munchkin

White Cat Munchkin

The body of this tiny cat is almost the average size of most cats; however, their legs are so tiny that they’re shorter than most cats. Adorably, they’re playful little rascals, loving to jump and run around, although they won’t be able to jump as high as the other cats. It’s also one of the more famous tiny cats, named after the characters in “The Wizard of Oz.”

The cons are that the short legs are a genetic mutation, from hereditary to inherited, this cat is more prone to health issues. It’s imperative that any potential owner take the time to research all the health implications and whether they can afford to accommodate the breed. 

The Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex

Miniature cats with double coats and unusually curly hair, they are intelligent, highly communicative, and share deep bonds with their owners, much like the Siamese cats they look like. With a down coat, these mini cats look like kittens and give owners the added benefit that they’re hypoallergenic, perfect for cat lovers who are allergic. 

American Curl

The Cutest Small Cat: American Curl

Cats that stay small are desirable because of their size and proportion. They also have cute little curlings at the ears fo which they are named after. Their curls grow back all the way to the base of their skull. Overall, this miniature cat is low maintenance and playful, its personality is in no way a flaw. They’re great for kids and are definitely family-friendly.

The con is that the curly coat of hair has to be taken care of in a specific manner, requiring special kits. Moreover, their eyes have to be kept clean because matting or other substances could get stuck there without grooming. 

The Devon Rex

Devon Rex Cat

From the tiny cat breeds of the Cornish Rex, the similarities between them are undeniable, making it part of the smallest cat species. However, there are some glaring differences, like these cats are incredibly energetic and are very smart, but unlike other cats, they can learn tricks quickly as dogs do. 

The con is that they range from wavy or curly-haired coats, so they do require regular and extensive grooming. This could double as a plus, but the cat also climbs onto owner’s shoulders for maximum love and attention.


Siamese Cat

Although these little critters have long bodies, they’re still short and usually weigh less than five pounds. The optical illusion of their body makes them look tall and elegant, even athletic. They also have beautiful features like their dynamic blue eyes. These cats are also very smart and prone to become attached to their owners. 

The only con with Siamese cats is that they’re long-haired and require regular grooming. 


Other Tiny Cat Breeds

A lot of these tiny cat breeds are results of genetic engineering or experimentation. However, people have grown to love these tiny cats even if they are the result of breeding experimentation.

At this moment, there are still cat breed experimentations going on, specifically with Munchkin cats, who are crossed into different versions. Luckily, there are many organizations dedicated to making sure small cat breeds do not have a significant amount of hereditary dysfunction. 

Products For Small Cats

Here are some cat products that these energetic and playful buddies will love. 

  1. SmartCat Kitty’s Garden – An affordable and delicious snack, these plants are perfect for mental and physical stimulation while feeding cats nutrients in between meals. It takes less than a week to grow and the box contains oats, rye, wheat, and barley. 
  2. K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Scratcher Kitty Sill Cradle – Able to attach to any window, this smart appliance allows the best of both worlds for a cat. They’ll be able to bask in the sun while grooming and clawing their nails on the compatible board. 
  3. Frisco 72-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo – Your cat will never want to leave this castle of stimulation and fun. Lounging, playing, hunting, cats can do it all in the towering scratching post apartments. 
  4. Alfie Pet Small Animal 2-in-1 Water Bottle with Ceramic Hut – Perfect for tiny cat breeds, it’s originally for hamsters and other domesticated rodents. Easily accessible compared to products for bigger cats, your little one will appreciate it. 


These small cat breeds are undeniably cute and totally deserving of homes. Whether buying them from a breeder or adopting from a local shelter, you’ll be floored by the sweet addition to your family.

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