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Teaching Your Guard Dog How to Be Friendlier to Guests

Some of us like the idea of having a guard dog to help keep the house protected. But at the same time, you also have friends. So ideally, you’d want a guard dog who can hold down the fort while you’re gone but who will also be friendly around new guests and politely greet them.

It’s a pretty tall order for a guard, dog but let’s get into it!

Improve Your Dog’s Behavior Around Guests

Improve Your Dog’s Behavior Around Guests

Tell Guests to Call Before Knocking

It’s good practice to let your guests know you’re trying to teach your dog some good manners. That said, ask your guests to give you a call before they knock on the door. Then, when you get that call, leash your dog. This way, when the doorbell rings, your dog won’t automatically go charging to the door.

Sit For Praise And Petting

Sit for Praise and Petting

When you have guests over, and your dog gets overly excited and bounces around, ask your guests to ignore him as attention will serve as a reward for that dynamic behavior. However, when your dog settles and waits for the guests to acknowledge him, praise him for his docile behavior.

Alternative Therapies

Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapies can be used alone or combined with those above for a more comprehensive treatment against anxiety and temperament issues. For example, there are dog treats and tinctures that contain plant-based ingredients proven to help anxiety.

Sit And Relax

Sit and Relax

Once your guests are settled, and your dog has greeted them, let him wander around with your guests. As long as he behaves himself, he can continue to be part of the party; however, if he gets rowdy and pushy, then put him back on the leash closer to you. Then, again, politely ask your guests to ignore him until he calms down.

Refresh Your Dog’s Training

Refresh Your Dog’s Training

Before a big get-together, break out some training treats and go over some training drills. Then, do some sits, stays, downs, and leave it. These refreshing compliance exercises help teach your dog self-control and train him to expect when there will be people around.

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