The Best Natural Pet Products in 2020

The Best Natural Pet Products

If you want to promote your pet’s health in a completely natural way, there are now dozens of options to choose from on the market. From organic treats to natural oils, the natural pet wellness industry has evolved tremendously in the last few years, giving owners a healthier alternative to support their pet’s physical and emotional well-being.

The most popular of these natural products are perhaps oils, such as the ones offered by leading brands like Veritas Farms. Made with plant extracts as their active ingredient, these oils are known to be effective for a number of conditions, such as stress and sleep problems. That is why hundreds of owners are turning to these oils—and other products made with plant extracts—to help their pets live a healthier and happier life.

If you have yet to make the switch to natural pet products, we suggest going with a trusted and consolidated brand like the aforementioned Veritas Farms. While there are dozens of other brands like Joy Organics that have one or two pet products in their collections, Veritas Farms has a dedicated and diverse line of natural pet products for all your furry friend’s needs. To take 35% off your order for Father’s Day, simply use the code DAD35 at checkout.

From Soil to Oil

Unlike the vast majority of its competitors, Veritas Farms is a fully-integrated wellness company. This means the publicly-traded company (VFRM) is directly involved in every step of production, from the cultivation of their plants on their own farm to the manufacturing and bottling of their formulas. They are there from the beginning until the end—from soil to oil.

In addition to its unique approach to manufacturing, Veritas Farms has also shown a firm commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience. That is why Veritas Farms is, in our opinion, the best natural wellness brand for pets on the market today.

If you are new to natural pet wellness or just haven’t heard of Veritas Farms before, here’s all you need to know about the brand:

Unparalleled Transparency

Veritas Farms’ devotion to transparency and honesty is not common in an industry known for hiding behind deceptive labels and confusing ingredients lists. In fact, Veritas Farms has now set the bar very high for other brands by making their certificates of analysis available to every online visitor. These documents, issued by third-party laboratories, show quality control results and confirm each product meets its product specification.

Premium Quality Natural Ingredients

Premium Quality Natural Ingredients

While Veritas Farms is not the only brand to do this, it’s important to note that all Veritas Farms pet formulas go through a rigorous testing process at three different third-party laboratories. This ensures their products meet the highest quality standards and comply with all industry regulations so that you know you are getting the best possible plant-based products available today. 

Wider Variety

The Best Natural Pet Products

Veritas Farms’ line of natural formulas offers a vast selection of natural, innovative products specially designed to tackle specific problems affecting your dog or cat. Their full line of pet products currently includes:

Pet Tinctures


Perfect for fireworks, storms, or travel, a few drops of this herbal oil can help reduce stress in your pets. Meant to be administered directly or mixed into their meals. Starting at $29.99.

Dog Chews


These chewy treats deliver all the calming benefits of plant extracts in a delicious and convenient way. Click here to learn more or order a bag now.

Paw Rescue Balm


This soothing balm is the perfect way to treat damaged or cracked paws. If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, this balm was made for them. Discover healthier paws here.

Hot Spot Oil


Spending time outdoors will not only damage your dog’s paws, but it can also have detrimental effects on their skin. This natural oil helps soothe and relieve any sore spots, helping your best friend enjoy his or her day without any discomfort or pain. Starting at $27.99.

Ear Cleansing System

This ear cleaning system is designed with a plant extract foam formulated to effectively attract and absorb dirt, oil, and grime. Learn more about this system here.

Veritas vs. Competitors

While Veritas Farms is one of the best brands of pet products, it is not the only one. Here’s how Veritas Farms pet products compare to Joy Organics, another leader in the pet wellness industry.

 Veritas FarmsMedterra Pets
Overall Value★★★★★★★

The Best Natural Option for Pets

If you are looking to transition to natural alternatives to your pet’s health, no one comes close to Veritas Farms in terms of quality, transparency, and variety. We encourage you to visit their site and explore all the options they offer to help give your pet a healthier and happier life, naturally. 

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