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Things You Need to Know About Your Pomeranian

Who doesn’t love an adorable Pomeranian? In the early days, the breed was prized by many kings and queens. There are even rumors that when the dying queen Victoria was on her death bed with her favorite Pomeranian, Turi, at the foot of her bed.

Sadly, being as adorable as they are, it is easy to overlook all the “issues” these little poms may incur. If some of these issues aren’t addressed early, they can become much more problematic, to the point of potential considerations about giving away for adoption. But unlike the early days, you can tackle these issues, learn more about them and help your little Pom!

Living With A Pomeranian

Living With a Pomeranian 

Watchdog Syndrome

Despite their fluffy, adorable appearance, Poms are enthusiastic watchdogs who take the job very seriously. If you’re close to your Pom, you’re probably used to seeing their ears twitch even when they have fallen asleep.

That said, these dogs always go on a rant at every unusual encounter. This can make them somewhat annoying for those living in close-knit neighborhoods. Fortunately, you can tone down these barking tendencies. 

Overcharged Breeds 

Many people think Poms are the average small dog that girls love to carry in their purses and sit on your lap, well, not so fast. Poms are not weak dogs; they have an independent streak and even enjoy hunting little critters. Given the freedom, they will partake in gross stuff, eat awful things found on the floor, and dig rather than stay put. They are also quite the spirited critter despite their size. You’ll need to find ways to keep these energy balls busy or, better yet, calm them with the right supplements. 

Improving Your Pomeranian’s Quality of Life Naturally

King Kanine has been helping pet parents worldwide overcome the complications of living with troubled dogs, including Pomeranians. The company has been featured in many mainstream publications, including ABC, CBS, The CW, NBC, and more. Let’s take a look at a couple of their plant-based supplements for Pomeranians.


Plant-based supplements come in all formats, and the King Kalm™ Crunch collection from King Kanine is one of the best wellness treats you can get. These all-natural recipes are made with healthy ingredients and formulated by a Licensed Holistic Physician and Nutritionist. Each vitamin and omega-3 treat is slowly baked at a low temperature then dehydrated to maintain its nutritional value. It is an excellent source of macro/micronutrients and antioxidants. We recommend daily use as part of an overall health and wellness program.


Besides their irresistibly delicious treats, the brand is also known for its flavored tinctures. Its potent KING KALM™ 150 MG oil with copaiba, krill oil, and DHA is made with all-natural plant extracts. It comes in a 30 ml bottle with one oral syringe for easy delivery. Like the rest of the KING KALM™ products, this product also includes a dosing chart to help owners determine their pets’ best dosage.

Improving Your Pomeranian’s Quality Of Life Naturally: Tinctures

About King Kanine

With millions of satisfied pet parents worldwide, King Kanine is undoubtedly a leader in pet wellness products. The Florida-based company specializes in organically sourced supplements to support pet health and well-being, including all breeds of cats and dogs. King Kanine also offers a line of innovative grooming tools designed to provide owners with a more natural approach to daily pet care.

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Are you looking for more pet supplements or grooming essentials? King Kanine has something for every breed. Visit KingKanine.com to learn more about their mission, products, and how they can help your pets start living better every day.

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