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With millions of customers worldwide, King Kanine is often considered the most trusted brand in the natural pet wellness industry. The Florida-based company specializes in organically-sourced supplements made to support the health and well-being of pets, including cats and dogs of all breeds. King Kanine also offers a line of innovative grooming tools and plant-based hygiene products designed to provide owners with a more natural approach to daily pet care. 


  • Made with organic, plant-based ingredients
  • Wide variety of pet products
  • Pharmacist-formulated products
  • Third-party tested for quality control
  • International shipping


  • Free shipping only for orders over $100
  • No subscription services

King Kanine’s Omega 3 Chews

What Makes King Kanine Unique?

As one of the pioneering brands in the natural pet wellness space, King Kanine has been at the forefront of the industry for years. Their original King Kalm™ line of plant-based formulas has served as an example to follow for the rest of the brands in the industry, setting the standard for quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. In fact, King Kanine was the first brand in the industry to offer pharmacist-formulated products! King Kanine’s reputation as a trusted, credible brand has even led to its products being featured in prominent publications and media channels, including  ABC, CBS, and NBC.


While there are many factors that make King Kanine the most successful brand in the industry, the one thing that truly makes them stand head and shoulders above the rest is their unmatched quality. Not only was King Kanine the first company to manufacture pharmacist-formulated herbal oils, but they were also one of the first plant-based brands to offer formulas that are certified organic. Additionally, all King Kanine pet supplements go through a strict testing process at third-party laboratories to ensure their products are compliant with the highest standards for safety, purity, and overall quality.

King Kanine Review: Affordability


Another major reason for King Kanine’s popularity among pet owners is the brand’s commitment to affordability and accessibility. Despite their status as leaders in the space, their line of King Kalm™ supplements and grooming products offer budget-friendly options for all types of pets and owners. The company also has a collection of “Kombos,” which are specially-priced bundles containing some of their best-selling products. Moreover, free shipping is available on all orders over $100, and users subscribed to their email service can receive additional discounts throughout the year.

Customer Service

Throughout the years, King Kanine has built a large base of loyal customers consisting of pet owners and their furry friends. As a result, the company has been able to build a community-like environment where tips, advice, and helpful information can be shared. Most importantly, King Kanine has a reliable, friendly customer service team that is always ready to answer your questions and walk you through each step of your journey.

 “We have such a great team of professionals who care so passionately about the pets we are helping and the products we sell. I think this is what people notice most about King Kanine when they meet us.” -King Kanine CEO Jeff Riman.

King Kanine Best Sellers

King Kanine currently offers a wide selection of plant-based supplements and grooming products for the four-legged members of your family. Their full line of natural supplements includes organic tinctures and treats, plant-based shampoos, de-shedding combs, and more. Some of their best sellers include: (Product descriptions are taken from the brand website.)

King Kalm™ 300mg Tincture

King Kalm™ 300mg Tincture

Our oil for pets combines high-quality organic plant-based oil and extremely beneficial krill oil. Rich in Omega-3 fats, krill oil is known for its calming effect and antioxidant properties that work together with the therapeutic properties of our herbal extracts to promote a healthy immune system. Owners around the world have used our King Kalm™ oil to aid their pets experiencing symptoms related to issues such as anxiousness, physical discomfort, noise discomfort, and more. Our oil with krill oil is perfect for dogs, cats, as well as other common household pets.

King Kalm™ Crunch

King Kalm™ Crunch

King Kalm™ Crunch is our exciting new chew. This all-natural recipe is made with organic ingredients and formulated by our Licensed Holistic Physician and Nutritionist. Each vitamin and Omega-3-rich treat is slowly baked at a low temperature, then dehydrated to maintain its nutritional value. These treats are an excellent source of macro and micronutrients, as well as antioxidant benefits.  Use daily as part of an overall health and wellness program. There are approximately 40 per bag.

King Kalm Balm for Dogs

King Kalm™ Balm 

Our paw moisturizer for dogs was formulated to keep your dog’s paws, snout, and elbows soft and hydrated. King Kalm™ Dog Paw Balm is specially designed to protect the skin against rugged terrain and rough weather conditions. Made with all-natural ingredients like plant extracts, coconut oil, and manuka honey, our Dog Paw Balm provides relief and protection without harsh chemicals or unwanted substances.

Customer Reviews

Skye J.


My Frenchie loves the treat! The best reward I can give him!!

Noah M.


Love the oil to help my pups relax through fireworks and whenever they’re anxious. Thank you!

Sarah E.


I have an older labrador and the 600mg oil has made a huge difference in her mobility and activity levels. Best supplement I have tried.

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Give Your Pets a Little Extra Love

If you are looking for safe and natural ways to improve your pet’s quality of life, King Kanine is guaranteed to have something for you and your furry best friend. We encourage you to visit to learn more about their mission, products, and how they can help your pets start living better every day. 

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