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Types of Birds That Make the Perfect Pet

Why Should You Have a Pet Bird?

Maybe you march to the beat of your own drum. You’re not someone who goes with the crowd. Or possibly you just love the idea of having birds as pets and have always wanted one. Whatever the reason, bringing a feathered friend into your home could be an excellent choice for your family. 

Some of the reasons why having a pet bird may:

  • Your Schedule – Dogs and cats require a great deal of attention. All bird types will need love and attention as well; however, a pet parrot won’t require as much time as a dog or cat.
  • Living Situation – If you live in an apartment that won’t allow you to have a dog or cat may influence your decision. Often, they will allow you to have small kinds of birds.
  • Allergies – If you have problems with cats or dogs, then there are different types of pet birds that could be a better option.

How Are Pet Birds Different From Other Pets?

There are many types of pet birds that make amazing companions, and there are certain things that set them apart and make them an excellent companion. Consider some of the following:

  • A pet parrot can actually talk to you. Being able to have a conversation? Now that’s a true companion.
  • Going on vacation? It’s a lot easier to bring your cage of small parrots over to your friend’s house than to bring your free-roaming cat and dog. 
  • Have friends with allergies? With the right bird breeds, they’re far more likely to be able to visit your place than they would be if you had a cat.

Best Types of Pet Birds


Bird Parakeets

These types of birds are very popular and are the number one choice in household bird pets. Some of the reasons why everyone loves them include the following:

  • They’re very affectionate.
  • You can introduce them to strangers with ease because they are very friendly.
  • If you don’t have a lot of time, they’re very low-maintenance pets.
  • Tricks come pretty easily to these birds. They’re fast learners.


Bird Parrot

Parrots are also a popular choice for a pet. The first parrot known to be held in captivity was in 400 B.C. That’s how long they have been a beloved pet. Here are some things to know about them:

  • They have a long lifespan. They reach the age of a senior when they’re about 30 years old, but can live as long as 40 or 50.
  • They love affection.
  • If you have the gift of gab, you’ll love them. They enjoy having long chats about nothing and everything.
  • Their unique p ersonalities make them a fascinating bird to live with.


Pet Cockatiel

Cockatiels are another highly sought after bird when it comes to pets. They can entertain your family with their quirky characteristics. These are just a few things that make them so fascinating:

  • You can hand feed them as babies, and it will help them become incredibly affectionate.
  • They might not talk, but they have beautiful singing voices. 
  • Not only do they whistle, but they’ll also mimic different sounds around your house, like the doorbell and the alarm clock. 


Types of Pet Birds: Doves

You can have your very own love dove. These beautiful birds are a great fit for someone looking for the following:

  • A sweet bird that won’t be overly demanding.
  • A bird that rarely bites.
  • A bird that’s easy to train and doesn’t require experience.  

Where Can I Adopt the Best Pet Birds?

There are several places where you can choose a pet bird, but you want to be sure you go to a reputable source. If you go to a private seller you aren’t familiar with, you could end up getting a bird that’s sick or hasn’t been cared for adequately. It’s always best to go with one of the following places. 

  • Pet Store – When you go to a pet store, they should have a good idea of exactly how old your bird is. They also have a lot of educational books and brochures that can help you learn how to properly care for your bird. 
  • Breeder – If you’re looking for a particular type of exotic bird to keep as a pet, then you’ll need to go to a breeder. There are several out there who specialize in raising exotic birds and can help train you to care for them.
  • Shelter – Believe it or not, many birds are surrendered to shelters all over the country. There are several types of parakeets and other birds that people think they want, but then they realize they’re more work than they’re able to commit to. This is why it’s so important to know what you’re getting into. 

Are There Any Famous Birds That Have Been Pets?

Believe it or not, many feathered companions have made a name for themselves. Often times, because of who their owner is. Here are some examples:

  • Loretta and Eli Yale – These two lovely parrots belonged to the 26th president of the United States, Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt.
  • Grip – This raven belonged to Charles Dickens and helped inspire much of his work.
  • Mike Tyson – The champion boxer has over 350 pigeons. He fell in love with the idea of birding as a child and gets to enjoy his passion now as an adult.


Now that you have a better understanding of the best birds for pets, do you think you’ll get one? There’s a lot to consider. The type of birds you want. Whether or not you have time to add a pet to your household. The cleaning and upkeep that goes along with it. 

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Making an educated decision about your possible pet bird is one of the smartest things you can do. You’ve already done that. Now comes the fun part of meeting your new feathered friend.

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