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Fluffy Dog Breeds: Your Perfect Fuzzy Companion

Fluffy dogs are just so perfect. Dogs are already wonderful, but fluffy dog breeds are desirable because they offer the best petting and cuddling experiences for owners. However, these dogs also require more work or grooming than less fluffy dogs, so it’s important to know the pros and cons. Here’s a guide to the fluffiest and cutest little fluffy dog breeds. 


Fluffy Dog Poodle

The Standard Poodle is prestigious looking with refined, soft curls, and although they are a very fluffy dog breed on the surface, they have a taunt and muscular body to them. Poodles are luckily hypo-allergenic for any dog lovers cursed with allergies. Moreover, you can give them fun and adorable hairstyles.

The main con for this fluffy dog is that the fur can easily get matted if not groomed regularly. If the hair gets matted on any dog, you basically have to shave it all off from the roots. That said, this big fluffy dog is one of the easier coats to manage. 

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier
Beautiful yorkshire terrier dog with red bow sitting. Isolated over white background. Copy space.

Nicknamed Yorkies, these small fluffy dogs are known for being big personalities, often seen at dog shows if purebred. Sassy and silly, these dogs are entertaining and absolutely adorable.  

The cons are that they usually don’t like strangers, changes, or children, and can yap all day long if you let them. These fluffy dogs also are long-haired dog breeds and require a lot of maintenance and grooming every day. 

Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog

This is one of those big fluffy dogs who are also very cute but kind of funny looking with hair covering their face. These dogs are not just big because of their fur, but because they can grow to weigh 60-160 pounds. They have a commanding presence, which is well regarded at dog shows. 

Cons for this furry dog are that grooming has to be specific and consistent. It’s also imperative to trim their nails frequently to avoid tangling with their long-haired coat.

American Eskimo

American Eskimo

This is one of the big fluffy dogs that are also perfect for families because their personalities thrive with curiosity and love. They are energetic with a constant need for stimulation, so the bigger the family, the better for them. 

The con, of course, is that when they’re bored, they destroy stuff, bother other pets, or behave childishly. These dogs need grooming because of their two coats, so brushing or combing two times a week is the best resort. 

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

A tiny fluffy dog, these one-foot tall dogs are popular for their sweet and fun personalities, perfect for hanging out with kids and other dogs. People with dog allergies also flock to these puppies because their fur also doesn’t shed as much as others. They are also receptive to training and one of the best dogs for show business tricks. 

The cons are that their shed hair lies under their coat, so regular grooming is essential to avoid matting. Moreover, trimming their nails is imperative to prevent tangling with that coat. 


Dog Collie

The famous fluffy dog breed that claims Lassie, these dogs are also quick learners when it comes to training and tricks for show business. Moreover, Collies shed specifically around the same time as their birthday, so it’s easier to prepare for that season. 

The cons are that these dogs have long double coats and require regular grooming. Soft Collies luckily don’t shed as much, but Rouch Collies get matting behind the ears and undercoat, so weekly brushings are definitely needed.

Chow Chow

Chow Chow

These proud looking fluffy dogs from China carry around a lion mane, a cute little predator that comes in all sorts of coat colors. Well behaved dogs, they also surprisingly don’t need a lot of exercise or stimulation, the more chill of dog breeds. 

The con is that their coat needs to be brushed and groomed twice a week; if not, the results can be awful. Within a month of no grooming, their entire undercoat could get entirely matted and knotted. 


Fluffy Dog Breeds: Pomeranian

A toy dog, they are the tiniest of the fluffy dog breeds, best known for their wide smiles and puffball shape, comes in two dozen colors. Although little, they have big personalities that need plenty of love and attention from an owner, or else they’ll keep yapping. 

The con is that the grooming process for this fluffy dog is more detailed than others, needing to pin brush down to the skin once a week to prevent matting. Shine and fluffiness is the first thing anyone sees on these tiny doggies, so grooming will keep them presentable. 

Fluffy Dog Products

Obviously, grooming is inevitable, no matter the angel you own, these fluffy dogs need to be primped and taken care of. Here are some products that are sure to make them even more adorable. 


It’s great to want a fluffy dog to take home, but, more importantly, one with a warm personality that’ll brighten your disposition every day. However, keep in mind that grooming is inescapable, and prepare to make a commitment to these dogs and their need for a shiny and fluffy coat. After taking this into account, then congratulations, you’ll be ready for your own fluffy dog, big or small.

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