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The Easiest Low Maintenance Dog Breeds to Own

Is puppy fever hitting you hard this year? Do you want to get a dog but don’t really want one that’s too much to handle? Sounds like you need a low-maintenance dog. Every dog-lover craves canine companionship at some point, but the hassle of dedicating most of your time to a dog’s needs, like grooming, training, health care, and exercise, can sometimes make you reconsider. The fact is that there are no maintenance-free dogs. All breeds require time and care unless you have someone else to do it all – then problem solved. But that’s not why we’re here. We’re here to explore the best dogs for first-time owners.

What Is Low Maintenance?

​Before we go over the best low maintenance dogs, we have to clarify what we mean by “low maintenance.” ​Are you looking for a dog that’s easy to train, one that doesn’t shed, great with children, and good with seniors? Maybe a dog that ​likes to lounge all day, or perhaps it’s all of the above? Low maintenance means different things to prospective pet parents, so ​we’ve gathered the best dog breeds based on these traits to help you make an easy decision. 

Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

French Bulldog

French Bulldog

One of the easiest dogs to care for, the easy-going French Bulldog requires minimal grooming, barks sporadically, adapts well to his immediate sphere, and doesn’t need a lot of exercise. Just make sure they get their daily steps to maintain a healthy weight, but beyond that, these dogs are one of the best low-maintenance dogs out there.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cute and adaptable, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is another excellent low-maintenance breed. Due to their ability to adapt to their owners’ characters, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are splendid for people who are always on the move. Naturally, brushing every week is required to make sure their long coats don’t tangle. Still, this breed is smart, can adapt to any family, and work well with children and other pets.


Bullmastiff Dog

Bullmastiffs might have a mean-resting, ferocious appearance, but they are usually docile and affectionate with members of their immediate spheres. Caring for a Bullmastiff requires weekly grooming and regular walks to maintain a healthy weight. That’s about it for an easy-going Bullmastiff.


Dog Broholmer

This breed is perfect for a large family with children. The dog’s relaxed demeanor and devotion to its people have won the hearts of many parents. Basketball game Friday night? Take the dog with you! A family trip across the country? Bring the dog! Broholmers like to be outside and part of the crew.


Rat Terrier

Take this adorable, small, and spirited pup anywhere, and she’ll love you for it. One of the easiest dogs to care for, the Rat Terrier is an excellent addition to the family. Don’t feel bad for leaving her at home when you’re busy. She’ll lovingly welcome you back with open paws. Rat terriers love to learn, so initiate training at a young age. 


Who doesn’t love a gentle giant? Tosa the Giant! This breed makes for excellent guard dogs because they’re cautious of strangers and look pretty intimidating. However, the truth is, they are softies who are calm, leisurely, and loyal. Walking is excellent exercise, and don’t be afraid to intensify the exercise level if your Tosa is getting fat. 


American Staffordshire Terrier

Not all low-maintenance dogs are lazy. The American Staffordshire Terrier loves being included in activities. This breed loves to partake in exercises like running or frisbee, so they are ideal for anyone whose weekend getaway involves trips away from home. American Staffordshire terriers are bold, friendly canines.


Basset Hound

Not everyone can handle an over-spirited dog. If you are looking for a lazy blob, the Basset Hound is your best bet. These dogs are so low-key and calm that you’re going to have the impression they don’t care if you’re home or not. They are super friendly with other humans and other dogs, too. The only needy aspect of basset hounds is they may need a good brush-through a few times a week to keep their coat untangled.


Dog Drever

It doesn’t matter if your schedule is all over the place; a Drever just needs some balance. A quick walk in the morning and a couple of hours of relaxation time until you’re home. Their coats are resilient and require very little grooming, so no worries there. If you have lots of people living in your home, Drevers will welcome this group life and adapt quickly.


Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Spaniels love lounging around the house and keeping themselves busy with playthings. They are spirited, playful yet veer towards more patient temperaments, and are obedient. As far as grooming goes, a brisk brush through weekly should prevent the fur from tangling.


Border Terrier

A true low-maintenance dog, the Border Terrier, is adorable, trainable, and great with kids and in need of a quick brush every week or two. Ideally, Border Terriers need yards to run in. Still, they’re also capable of adapting admirably to the city life as long as there’s a park they can play in on occasion.


Whippet Dog

The lowest of the low-maintenance dogs, the Whippet, is perfect in just about every sense of the word. These pups are satisfied to lay on the bed until you’re home after a long day at work and ready to go out when you get there. Their short coat makes grooming almost entirely unnecessary, and they rarely bark or complain.


Italian Greyhound

Similar to whippets, Italian Greyhounds are relatively small dogs, making them great for working city people. They fancy a good, warm lap and will follow you around the house, but they know when to settle down, too. If dog parks are rare in your neighborhood, this is the breed for you; they’re often wary of bigger dogs to thoroughly enjoy themselves, so they would rather hang out at home.


The good thing about low-maintenance dogs is that even if you have a busy lifestyle, providing proper care and love for your furry little family member is manageable. Is it your first time being a pet parent? Get a dog monitor! Some apps let you track your dog’s activity, feed him when it’s that time of the day, or get a dog walker to guarantee he gets his daily steps in.

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